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Writing by the Water

If you are sick of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck in your current situation, it's highly likely, that you have blocks in the way.

By blocks, I mean, limiting beliefs, repressed or suppressed emotions and conflict values.

Blocks are also known as resistance.

They are holding up space and stopping you from attaining your goals and desires.

And by stuck, I mean the same situations and patterns persist eg. never having enough money, always being the single girl or attracting the same sort of guys, never attaining your health goals or not being able to reach the next level in your business.

Being stuck sucks!!! I certainly can attest to that!

These blocks, are often not known to us, they are sitting firmly entrenched in the subconscious mind, which is 95% of our brain function and it's not in the less than 5% part of the conscious mind.

You may have already tried some programs or read various manifesting or goal setting books and you might have even gone one step further and engaged a coach or mentor (or several) YET, nothing seems to change, despite your best efforts.

Maybe you didn't go deep enough and worked primarily on the conscious level.


Maybe the secondary benefit or secondary gain for having the persisting situation was still serving you.


Maybe you were unconsciously blocking the receiving of it.


Maybe you had doubt, fears, uncertainty around the goal.

And hence, you are where you are and wondering how to change things.

Most of us are living on the default autopilot mode and meanwhile, weeks, months and even years pass, only amplifying the frustration and "stuck" situation.

Enter my new "Goal Getter Bootcamp" 6 week group program.

Imagine, having the soul aligned clients showing up now.

Reaching the desired income levels feels effortless.

You look and feel radiant, energised and full of vitality.

Your confidence shines through and your bigger why burns deeply, guiding you forward, moment by moment.

You start to magnetise to you the right people, solutions and opportunities, seemingly like magic.

It gets to be easier, more effortless and a lot more fun.

In this 6 week group program, we anchor into our top desires, align with them, get the body on board and clear all resistance, that is currently stopping you and keeping you stuck.

It is very aptly named "Goal Getter Bootcamp" as it is intensive, it is high touch (aka lots of support) and the energy, power and momentum builds exponentially.

The power of working with the brain, the body,  the energetic and emotional levels and leveraging the power of groups.

We draw on such tools as:

  • Results Coaching - NLP, timeline, mapping

  • Energy work - chakras, EFT, UFT, silent counselling

  • Somatic work - the wisdom of the body 

  • Emotional level - EFT, UFT, Silent counselling

  • Intuition - through a variety of tools

  • Journalling 

  • Personal design templates - astrology, human design and gene keys


Starts 22nd June 2022.

Goal Getter Bootcamp Inclusions:


  • 6 Weekly live trainings, clearings and healings - 90 minutes - time to be mutually agreed

  • Hot seat coaching and channeling every training

  • Replays available if you can't make the livestream, or would like to go back and re-watch and work through the next level and layer.


  • We are clearing the resistance in the way between desires/goals and where we currently are.

  • You need to work on the energetic level before tangible results show up.

  • This includes working on the thoughts, beliefs, mind chatter and the intention piece.


  • Group voxer for check ins, inspiration and accountability as needed

  • Secret Facebook group for questions, answers, tips, tools and connection

  • Weekly trainings/call with 1:1 time


  • All emotions carry/emit a vibration or resonance of which, like attracts like - change your vibration and your point of attraction changes

  • We work on identifying and releasing emotional patterns and states

  • Includes shadow values and shadow work


  • We are creating mind and body alignment - getting the body on board

  • We are creating new neural pathways for our goals/desires

  • We are identifying and upgrading the limiting beliefs

  • It is said mindset is 80%+ of efforts and energy, where strategy is less than 20%.


  • The more that we can self source, as in tune into and hear our internal/higher wisdom, the next steps and aligned actions become clearer.

  • We also deepen self trust, self belief and self confidence.

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Week 1


This is the week we not only get clarity on our desires, but we start the alignment process. By crystallising and anchoring in our desires and goals, we build necessary momentum.

Week 2


We need to get the mind and body on board. By working with commitment, the energy builds the necessary power behind our goals/desires and we continuously recommit to our vision.

Week 3


The focus of this week is around courage, working through fears, doubts and uncertainty. We also continue to build safety in the body and nervous system, to receive and hold our desires/goals.

Week 4


Week 4 is about trust, self belief and really getting behind our goals/desires and our offerings to the world. Conviction is felt and experienced by others around us. 

Week 5


The energy and power of confidence is based on your knowing, your capability, your certainty and is what gives magic to goal attainment. We also work with self worth and feeling enough. 

Week 6


The more we go inwards and listen and act on our intuition, the more we act from a place of aligned action steps. It's learning to hear our intuition and strengthen it for support in all areas of our lives.

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