Wired & Tired! How About You?

Last night was one of those nights....

You know the nights where it's like your body just can't give over to sleep. The old wired but tired scenario.

I did my usual routine ie read a bit of mindless chick lit genre fiction, then meditated for ages, but I was still completely wired!!!

I'm talking adrenaline rushes for no apparent reason.

What was it - Overthinking? A busy digestive system from eating later? Cold? Hot? Worrying about something?

I thought I was done with all this or so it seemed!


No I'm, not swearing, although I felt like it at 1.30am with adrenaline cursing through my veins, literally.

MTHFR stands for Methylene-TetraHydroFolate Reductase, an enzyme that converts folate you eat into the active form (5-methyltetrahydrofolate). There are two variants commonly tested for 677T and the A1298C.

It is estimated up to 45-50% of the population have some form of mutation on one of the MTHFR genes. I have a copy of both, which means approx 50% loss of function.....we will get to their function shortly.

You can get tested for this via blood or a cheek swab and it's generally not covered by Medicare - approx $55 I paid years ago and it's still roughly the same!

I have done trainings before on methylation and if you've worked with me, we may have talked about testing and treatment options if you've had such conditions as: -Insomnia (arrghhh) -Anxiety -Long standing fatigue -Migraines -Infertility -PCOS -MS -CFS -Autism -Allergies -Chronic viral infection -Parkinsons -Bipolar -Alzheimers disease -Cancer -Clotting, DVT, -Thyroid dysfunction -IBS -The list goes on actually....

It is a process happening in every cell and tissue in your body and thus its effects are far reaching. The reason it is a consideration, is that the process of methylation is involved with activities such as: -Detox -Repairing and building DNA and RNA -Processing hormones -Building immune cells -Energy production -Turning the stress response on and off -Supporting neurotransmitters – the brain’s communication chemicals -Supporting fat metabolism

These methyl groups in your body are the ‘on-off’ switches of the cells activities., so it's vital they are healthy and working as optimally as possible.

That's exactly what it feels like to me, as if my body can't adequately switch off the stress switch, so when I first heard about this years ago and had the testing, I was not surprised I had a copy of both of these variants.

I need to stress (actually no I don't - we don't want that - I won't be able to switch it off properly haha!), that just because you have a mutation, it does not mean you will necessarily have health issues. There are so many factors that influence genes ranging from levels of stress, diet, heavy metal burden and the environment around you.

I believe a nose surgery back in 2011 was the straw that broke the camel's back, as I'd had years of stress, chronic gut issues and I don't feel my body was able to detox the anaesthetic and this mutation become expressed ie switched on big time!

What do we do about it?

Start with - healing the gut, balancing nutrient deficiencies or excesses, minimise all toxins eg. no aluminium deodorant, natural topical creams and oils, eat organic where possible, limit alcohol, no smoking, minimise stress - you know "healthy" eating and living.

Also this is one piece of the puzzle, there are other factors to consider ie. other gene polymorphisms such as COMT, MAO.

As I always say, we need to work with your unique chemistry.

If this resonates, reach out or talk to your healthcare practitioner.

Here's to a good night's sleep tonight.....

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