Upgrade Your Limiting Beliefs and Perceptions

Trauma, toxicity and thoughts are the main situations, in which cell signals, contribute to dis-ease and dysfunction. Cells, organs and tissues don't question what is sent by the nervous system, they respond, based on our perceptions.

Still with me?

The take-out is positive perceptions of events and the world at large, enhance health, relationships and overall life quality. Negative perceptions are what precedes and drives dis-ease. Eg. healing takes time, it's inevitable I will get X it's in the genes, only Drs know best, I'm deteriorating as I get older etc.

Perceptions are beliefs. Our most influential programs have been acquired by others, generally up to around 7yrs of age and most are not for our highest good. Most are out dated and not reflective of who we truly are and what we ultimately want/desire.

Good news...we can question them and upgrade them. We can create new more positive beliefs, programs, thoughts and feelings right this second. Awareness, conscious choice and commitment are key ingredients.

I know I do alot of posts on this, but the more we see it and get it, the more we take our power back.

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