Two Common Narratives....

Two of the biggest lessons and realisations in my journey to date:

1. Feeling whole and complete is the key, the remedy and the antidote to the very common limiting beliefs (LB) and blocks of:

Believing something is missing and if you just crack that code, find that piece of the puzzle, learn one more technique, find that one modality, then everything will miraculously be perfect in your life and you will finally feel complete.

Remember if you believe something is missing, you will be served back experiences to match that said belief.

You have to feel whole and complete first, for that to be your mirrored back reality.

Feeling and believing that something is wrong with you. If this is you, you are certainly not alone. The was literally the story of my life. Always feeling something was wrong in my health, or there was something wrong with me that was why I was perpetually the single gal and so get the drift!

If you believe something is missing and something is wrong and you don't feel whole and complete, this equates to lack, which shows up in our finances, our business, our relationships and the energy we show up in. It also points to a chronic not enoughness underlying feeling/belief/story/wound.

2. So many of us, especially women, are disconnected from our power and once you remember, reactivate and reignite this power centre and source:

You feel more confident You feel more safe You trust yourself You listen to your intuition You are magnetic You make things happen

This isn't a one time set and forget affirmation scenario of "I am safe", "I am whole and complete".

If this is you, the neuronal pathways are heavily myelinated for the aforementioned and not wanted limiting beliefs.

I continue to work with these as these have been huge for me!

Awareness is the first step, then choosing and continuing to choose the new desired beliefs. It can take 21 days to help new stories and desired beliefs to become more habitual and more dominant, but we need between 60 to 90 days to make it a permanent change.

Give yourself permission to stop and breath in the truth of already being whole and complete and knowing and trusting, that you have so much power inside of you. Power to think something, say something, feel something, change something and manifest something.

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