The gut in focus

If you have chronic health issues, especially gut symptoms such as bloating, gas, heartburn, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, cramps and so forth. I highly recommend doing some sort of gut/microbiome mapping to look at the driving causes of these symptoms.

Remember Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, was quoted as saying some 2500 years ago that "All disease begins in the gut". Now science and the medical profession are validating this more and more.

You eat 3- 6 times per day, so what you eat, drink and what you actually absorb and use or excrete, makes a huge impact on your digestive health and your overall health and wellbeing. So good nutrition and purified water is a non negotiable. It is foundational.

I mentioned in a previous post that with the start of a new year, both myself and Richard had undertaken a couple of tests to see what was happening in our digestive system as well as which foods we were reacting to from an IGG perspective, which is more of a delayed response.

The microbiome mapping results are in. I'm fortunate that I can discuss with the lab and other practitioners the most effective way to proceed based on the results and in line with current research and developments.

So for myself, I don't mind sharing, the most remarkable issue was sneaky little blastocystis parasite which is still present in very high doses. I suspect I picked this up in Fiji over 13 years ago and have tried to treat this over the years with various protocols and working in with Integrative GP's etc and it's still there. There was also some other markers that point to mild leaky gut, which makes sense with parasites and mild bacterial overgrowth.

The current school of thought is to not necessarily go after some of these microbes but focus more on the good bacteria and crowding out the "bad", however if there is really high levels, as is the case with me, I'm going after them with targeted herbs and nutrients, in line with clinical dosing recommendations.

If you would like support around this, please book in for a health consult and we can order these pathologies and based on the results, devise a plan to support you with.

I believe the gut is central to good health but ALSO don't forget our nervous system affects the gut, which goes back to thoughts, limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, subconscious programming etc - we can't get past doing this work whichever way you look at it. Enter Creatrix®.

Also, I'm adding in HeartMath® techniques to all sessions, as learning self-regulation and emotional management skills, has been shown to help with stress, anxiety, and many other conditions. Yes I've been doing more studies haha!

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