Stressed? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? You are most certainly not alone!

I have been very transparent with my shares on my journey and struggles over the years with anxiety and the accompanying insomnia. These three states - stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed - have been very familiar energies for me over the previous at least 2 decades.

Five tools that have made the biggest difference for me to date:

  1. Meditation - if you commit to a daily practice even if initially it is only for 5 minutes, over time you will re-wire how you respond to stress. I find it is the only practice that really calms my mind and body within minutes.

  2. Daily walks - I team this up with affirmations, visualisations and the feelings I would feel if I had already attained that desired state - the key to the key!

  3. Herbs and nutrients - magnesium, vitamin C (yep the adrenals virtually run on this), B vitamins, vitamin D, zinc, omega 3, collagen and herbs including: ashwaghanda, turmeric, valerian, passionflower, shatavari - to name a few and these change and I rotate.

  4. Practising the art of presence - being present with myself, my thoughts, my feelings and being present with others. Living in the future breeds anxiety and dwelling in the past fuels depression.

  5. CREATRIX® - Wow - a modality - developed by a women, for a women's wiring, to remove chronic suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs right at the source - the epigenetics level. It upgrades your emotional and mental intelligence and I know with the women I have worked with over the past few months all around Australia, it is powerful!!!!!!!!! I myself have had Creatrix'd® - I am so stressed, overwhelm, panic, frustration, pressure, stuck in fight or flight, there is never enough time, I need to nail it first go, I have to be in control, I'm not enough, to name a small % of those states and major limiting beliefs, that were being mirrored back to me constantly. Imagine what these "stressors" were doing to my nervous system over the years. If you feel and find yourself saying these kind of statements and feeling these kinds of emotions on a regular basis, try these tools on for size. In terms of nutrients and herbs, it's best to reach out for a consultation with myself or another healthcare practitioner, to ensure the recommendations are designed for you and your health manifestations and taking into account any medications you are on. With CREATRIX®, what can I say?! If you have a uterus you need this. Us females have inherited traumas and repressed states, just look at our history over the previous hundreds if not thousands of years!. Reach out for a blockage identifier consult - $95 for 90 minutes, so we can shine a light on some of your biggest blocks. Self can't analyse self. Or alternatively, we can jump on a call to see if it's a fit for you and where you currently find yourself restricted, stuck and held back.The founders mission is to set a million hearts free - what a mission! Maybe you will be the next heart set free - you are worth it!

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