Radiance! Feel it's Resonance!

I love the word radiance...

Sit with the word, the frequency and the energy of 'radiance' for a moment.

It resonates so deeply with me, on many levels.

Can you feel it's power, potency & expansive properties???

It conjures up imagery and associations, for me at least, of glowing health, full of vitality, magnetic energy and really having alignment with your bigger why. Your passion. Your purpose.

It's the energy of being in your power and of owning your gifts.

It's also the ability to receive and to go inwards to shine outwards....

In January 2020 I channelled a live program that I ran, "Radiant Magnetic You: Reclaiming & reactivating your Goddess self".

It is was amazing! I was fully in my radiance. I may run it again.

Then earlier this year, I launched "Radiance Codes", a 12 week initimate Immersion which went even deeper, to really cultivate YOUR radiance in all levels and areas.

I also love this program and am aiming to run it next month.

It was transformational and gave the women, tools and key information for life!

More recently, I've birthed 2 hour intensives "Radiant Health & Beauty" deep dives. I absolutely love them and recommend them for ANY women wanting to enhance their health, their beauty and uplevel all areas of their life.

These 2 hour intensives, brings together my experience, qualifications, gifts and passions and serves it up in a multi layered bundle for short term and lasting radiance.

We start with a health consult, review labs, then move onto the energetic piece. Intuitively I tune in and we clear whatever patterns, imprints and blockages are holding you back and THEN we do the DECU® skin work.

DECU® is dermal expression cellular upgrade, working with patterns in place and upgrading their consciousness for visibly enhanced beauty and radiance.

I love what I do and can't wait for you to experience it.

Reach out if you are wanting more radiance in your health, your visage and your life!

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