🎉🎉New Year, New Goals and Big Changes!!

With the new year, often comes a fresh intention to create new goals, for the week, month, maybe even the year or longer. However, focusing on goals shouldn't be an annual event - it should be something we regularly check in on and give energy and time too, ideally on a daily basis.

As they say, what you think about, you bring about. More importantly what you feel, you reel in more of.

That crystal clear clarity and concerted energy and inspired effort towards its fruition, is powerful, but bear in mind, what's not in alignment will fall away. This can be difficult, painful and feel as if you are taking massive steps backwards. In fact it can bring forth alot of tears, questioning and a whole array of emotions.That's where I've been at in the past week.

But, trust and go within and keep going back to your why are you wanting these goals. Is it freedom, flexibility, growth, expansiveness, more love or more joy??? You know you are worthy and deserving of so much more than you've allowed yourself or even dreamed was possible. Think big, aim bigger and stop settling for a subpar existence. You are meant for more and you know that.

Keep holding that vision of how it will feel when you obtain these desires and how your life can and will look and be. Start embodying that now and allow what's not for your highest good to fall away and feel those emotions as it's released and wait with quiet anticipation and excitement as to the next steps as they unfold. Make your mantra - God, Universe, Guides please show me the next steps. Listen, receive and then act.

Remember - you are not alone. You are loved. You are worthy. You are already whole.

If you are looking to make 2019 your year to get clarity on your goals, clear what's in the way and in the process reclaim you, contact me for more information.

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