👧👧Musings of a Young Child🎶🎶

Hope you had a lovely Christmas with loved ones and are enjoying some time out for reflection and recharging, maybe some family time or just some fun!!

Earlier today, I was sitting relaxing with my decaf cappuccino and date ball (as you do), and was reading a great book I highly recommend, “A Reality Unvieled” by Ziad Masri, when something taped to the window caught my eye.

A child, not sure who, not sure of their age, but likely a female given the main character has a long ponytail and dress, had drawn this picture. What I loved about it, was the messaging – “When I sing, everybody runs away, maybe they want to get paper so I can sign it”. How powerful is that perspective???

When so many of us, especially adults, assume that when people are not listening to us or walking away from us, that is was something we said, or did, or we jump to the conclusion that we are not liked or not good enough or worthy of being listened to.

The challenge is to be conscious of how we are perceiving situations and step back and use this childlike innocence of realising that maybe, just maybe, those people walking away or seemingly shunning us, will come back to us and express gratitude and appreciation for what we are doing or saying.

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