Midnight musings on the zodiac signs in business

Some of my midnight musings on the zodiac signs and their best fits in business, based on my recent deep dive into astrology:

  • If you are wanting someone who is motivated, has an idea (think a pioneer), can lead others and make it happen quickly - couple up with an Aries or Aries rising.

  • Wanting great ideas, long interesting conversations, think marketers, salesman, inspired brainstorms - sit with an air sign - Gemini, Libra or Aquarius

  • If you are wanting workers, who will do the work, are productive, committed and take pride in their work - get an earth sign on your team - Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo

  • If you are seeking a front of house or someone who really has that ability to nurture, make others feel comfortable - Cancer is your go to

  • Wanting someone on your team who is great detective, can lead, wants to dive deep into the truth and unlock hidden causes - engage with a Scorpio

  • If you are wanting a creative, imaginative and highly evolved, often psychic, on your team - maybe for design work, or channeled downloads - bring in Pisces

  • Wanting a smart, cultured, thinker, who loves researching and teaching - Sagittarius is your go to

  • For more beauty, in your home, your clothes, your garden or your overall business branding - draw on the Venutian (venus) ruling signs - Libra and Taurus.

  • If you are wanting a leader that is bold, vivacious, warm and charismatic but also quite fun and child like with it - then Leo is the pick

  • An intelligent visionary, inspired thinker, unique and a true humanitarian - bring Aquarius into your PR plans.

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