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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

In the hustle and bustle of the everyday, it's easy to get caught up in living a life on auto-pilot. Do you ever have that thought - this is groundhog day?! I have repeatedly had that thought, as I turned down the bed ready for sleep at night, or as I made the bed before work the following morning. What if you could in any minute change the destiny of your day, and your life for that matter, with just a thought? Well you can.

Create your dream life

You can create a life of passion and purpose with your thoughts and attention. They are powerful magnets that summon or repel based on your predominant line of thinking. Make every thought count!

We've heard people speaking about the merits of conscious and deliberate thought and creation, by the likes of Abraham Hicks and "The Secret" author Rhonda Byrne. It's not just a fad or a fictitious story line, its all about the law of attraction. Quite simply, what your predominant thoughts, feelings and emotions are - you are drawing more of the same to you.

Let your feelings be your guide

Stop in any moment and take note of how you are feeling. You're feelings are a powerful barometer, as to what your thoughts have been. Feeling down, flat and demotivated? Your thoughts have been draining and depleting you eg. it's too much hard work to do that or why bother trying you won't succeed anyway. On the flip side, if you are feeling light, expansive and more joyous, your thoughts have been around eg. There are so many exciting opportunities for me or I've loved the day I had catching up with my good friend. It's not that hard to see what has taken your attention. Tune in to your feelings from this point on and let that be your guide and consciously choose better feeling thoughts.

Subconscious mind

Your intuitive non liner mind takes up around 90% of your mind capacity and spans the subconscious and unconscious mind. Meaning, it covers our feelings and emotions and the latter being the unconscious processes keeping us alive eg. heart beating, blood pressure and so forth. Your subconscious mind is like the faithful servant, the genie in the bottle if you will - all about making the wishes we express it's command. So make sure your thoughts and "commands" are what you actually want. So no more thinking or saying "You idiot why did you do that?", because who wants more opportunities where you'll think and say that served up to you. No thanks! Instead course correct at any moment and move to "I am able to move forward with ease" - that's more like it.

Be crystal clear in your desires

Do you actually know what it is that you really want? Most people don’t. They have a vague notion of wanting to be rich or free but don't take the time to get specific about desires in every area - love, money, health, relationships, social life. Of course without clarity and certainty it makes manifesting anything difficult. Its like the analogy of placing an order on say Book Depository, if you don’t actually make a decision on what books you want and then place that order of course you will never receive any books - no specific order has been made. Additionally, if you leave it up to someone else, those books most likely are not the books that you really would have liked or wanted - it's what that person wanted or what their perspective on you was.

The power of imaging and visualisation

Keep imaging what you want and desire and really get caught up in the details. More importantly, immerse yourself in the feelings it stirs up in you. Imagine your dream home. Lets do this together - close your eyes and get comfortable. You are driving up to the front door and you take it all in. Note the trees, the flowers, how many garages are there? What does the facade look like? Is it brick, timber, concrete? Is it 1 storey, 2 storey or more? Go to the front door turn round and look at the neighbourhood. Is it all acreage properties or other beautiful houses. Is it leafy and green or lots of bright flowers and colours? Now turn around and walk in the front door. Take it all in is it grand and opulent or homely and really comfortable. You are so excited at the thought that you created this. Walk into the main lounge-room - what colour is the walls? Sit on the lounge. Feel how comfortable you feel relaxing onto the sofa. What textures can you feel? Notice the art work on the walls - you chose all of that. Now move over to the kitchen. Your dream kitchen. Imagine cooking in there with your loved ones. Is it a modern contemporary kitchen with state of the art appliances?

It feels amazing walking into your dream home - excitement, joy, happiness. Feel those feelings of having that dream home - it's magnetising it too you.


So to recap, be conscious of your thoughts, let your feelings guide you in any moment and get that clarity on what you are truly desiring. Once you have that picture, hold that image and think of it regularly, but the secret sauce is to feel the feelings of having it already. Happy magnetising and manifesting!

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