Is Grief holding you back?

I haven't long got off a session with a successful lady who had done a lot of work on herself over the years and studied and trained in many modalities, however, grief was sitting there under the surface. Even talking about it, brought up alot of emotion and tears.

Interestingly, it wasn't a conscious emotion - it was only through talking about a current situation, that it came to the surface. It's these suppressed emotions, which is what causes blockages, takes up energy and space and creates dis-ease. Furthermore, grief is said to be a very common core wound and trapped or unexpressed/unfelt emotion, for many of us.

What was interesting, is that the intensity of this grief at the beginning of the session was a 10/10 and by session end, was "Nothing and not an issue". I mean WOW!!

Emotions are energy in motion and are meant to be experienced, felt and flow through you or released, but many of us hold onto them. We stuff them down as it's too painful to go there, or there are fears of not being in control or losing control or even subconscious programming from a child, of getting in trouble/punished for expressing your emotions. These are all very common reasons, why emotions get stuck in the body.

Getting to the underlying limiting beliefs and those trapped suppressed emotions, is a key part of the Creatrix® process and we uproot them, at an epigenetics level,

permanently. There is no reliving trauma's or getting caught up in the story, in fact for many it's actually a very enjoyable process.

Curious? If so, I still have a couple of spots left for a FREE Blockage Identifier consult, to see what some of your biggest blocks are, that keep you stuck and held back.

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