"I Don't Know Enough!"

Predominate pattern and narrative that's being playing out for me, I dare say most of my life and of course mirrored back to me by many of those who I work with:

I don't know enough!

This shows up as and leads to I will keep studying, keep learning, constantly seeking others expertise and keep overconsuming information, as I don't know the answer. I don't know the way, so others know better.

Buy another course. Hire another coach. 'Try' another strategy. Find another guru on youtube or whatever platform you prefer. Try another supplement. You get the drift.

The spiral and cycle continues.....

The thing is, this chronic "not enough-ess", whether it's not knowing enough, not feeling good enough, young enough, attractive enough, fit enough, rich enough (fill in the blank), not enough time, it will keep you stuck and stressed!

This pattern, block and definitely a limiting belief, that has been hard wired in, over the years has so many levels to this and so many repercussions in every area of your life.

If you feel not enough, it means you feel something is missing and something is wrong.

Guess what, your life experience and what is showing up will reflect that back to you. Yep sucks doesn't it?!

It means you are seeing the world through lack and likely seeing a lack of consistent money, lack of consistent clients, lack of relationships, lack of health and so forth.

Can you see how one sneaky little limiting belief can impact and hinder you in every area of your life?

Going outside of yourself for answers and solutions all the time because of said LB - not knowing enough - causes an outward flowing of energy, money, time and so forth - this is a very masculine dominant way of being and living.

It's not bad and it IS required BUT there needs to be balance.

It causes an imbalance and restriction of inward flowing energy, money, resources, love, and all the things we actually desire. Remember the receiving is the feminine.

So, stop, reflect and see if this is part of your current reality.

Awareness is key.

Then recode, rewire and re-learn all the ways you do know enough and that you are enough.

You have so much information within you and accessible to you at all times - do you lean in, listen to your body, tune into your intuition?

You want support with this, reach out. I have coaching, Radiance Codes group immersion and of course the big guns Creatrix®.

You get to upgrade every area of your life.

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