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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Who doesn't want to look and feel beautiful each and every day?! Well fortunately, there are ways we can enhance our beauty, without resorting to harsh chemicals, painful procedures or expensive treatments. Read on for 8 ways you can look more beautiful within a week.

1. Drink more water

I'm not joking. I know you've heard it before, but they have literally done studies on how just increasing water consumption alone, can make you appear physically younger. For most adults at least 2 litres per day is optimal, with more advised for exercising and hot weather. If you struggle with the taste, tart it up - cut lemons, limes, cucumbers, even fresh mint leaves and add them into your water jug. They will not only pack a punch flavour wise, but provide antioxidants, alkalising benefits and they definitely add a bold splash of colour. Just caution with the enamel of your teeth, as lemons and limes are very acidic outside the body and on surfaces, but more alkalising inside the body, so ensure you rinse your mouth out after these fruits.

2. Facial massage

Look at any respectable beauty blogger and I'm sure they will be singing the merits of this practice. I love just using organic extra virgin olive oil for 5 minutes before my morning shower. I really feel it helps plump the face, promotes a healthy glow and makes me feel as if I'm doing something visibly beauty promoting. Some people prefer massaging their face at night before bed as it can really relax you. I'll add a video with my facial massage shortly.

3. Look into collagen/gelatin/bone broth

We know a key component of the skin is collagen protein, in fact it makes up some 70%, and whilst the jury is out in terms of definitive scientifically studied benefits for consuming collagen products, most proponents will tell you how much better they look and feel, when adding at least one of the above, into their daily diet. Look for hydrolysed collagen (or collagen peptides), gelatin or bone broth and consume it regularly for reportedly better skin, glossier hair, stronger nails and improved gut health. It's all about nourishing and promoting collagen synthesis of the skin from the inside out.

I sometimes make broths and I often buy them, according to my mood and motivation to dedicate the several hours preparation time. I'm not however always in the mood for broth, especially on hot days! This is where hydrolysed collagen (beef or marine) can come in handy. I recommend Great Lakes and Z!nt and consume one of these both morning and night with a scoop of vitamin C, which we know is also collagen promoting PLUS it can help lower stress hormones as shown in studies in exercisers.

4. Affirm your way to beauty

We know beauty and confidence go hand in hand and what you are telling yourself (you know that mind chatter) can make a massive difference in how we look and feel.

Affirm as you go about your day:

I am becoming more and more beautiful each and every day!!

I am radiantly beautiful and vibrantly healthy!

Say it with conviction when you look in the mirror, when you shower and when you are in your car - ideally alone otherwise you may attract funny glances especially if your on public transport. Bonus tip: Place your hand on your heart as you say the affirmations, to really amplify the effects.

5. Nourish your gut and face!

It is increasingly being shown, that good gut health can affect our entire system. In fact Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine", was quoted "All disease begins in the gut" mirroring what we are now are discovering about the digestive system and its pivotal role in overall health. Scientists have been mapping out the huge and diverse bacteria that is populating our gut and how "Good bacteria" can help with everything from immune health, to mood support to even weight loss.

If the energy in your body is being diverted to trying to balance unhealthy body systems and organs, it means less resources and nutrients available for hair, skin and nails. So cultivate good gut health by adding in prebiotics into your diet - think onions, garlic, asparagus and bananas. Probiotics are another ke weapon in the quest for better gut and ultimately a more beautiful and radiant you. They can be found in such food sources as: apple cider vinegar, kombucha, miso, kim chi, fermented vegetable and some yoghurts (but watch the sugar and other ingredients). Don't forget the fibre - think lots of vegetables, some fruit, oats, maybe a dash of psyllium and wholegrains.

6. Look into herbal tea and drink regularly

Horsetail (it's plant not horse derived BTW) is a great herb to consider, given its silica content and its pleasant taste, especially when mixed with herbs such as nettle, white tea, green tea or goji berries for added antioxidant benefits. There are herbal blends such as the Tea Tonic Complexion Tea, which I think is great for helping overall skin health, by assisting with cleansing blood and lymph with herbs such as burdock, clover and dandelion.

7. Befriend a good serum or facial oil

There are many serums and facial oils on the market and I have tried alot! I break out from basics such as Jojoba and rosehip oil, but have found a gem in Badger Seabuckthorn Face oil which I buy regularly from online store, iherb. I use this morning and night under a moisturiser and often team it up with some frankincense essential oil and the Eco Glory oil.

8. Cut down on stimulants including sugar

If you are still smoking, I urge you to try hypnosis or explore some of the effective programs now available, as it really is one of the biggest ageing contributors. Another stimulant we tend to reach for throughout the day is coffee. It is certainly energising, but its a temporary fix and can be dehydrating due to its diuretic and astringent actions, especially when not followed with plenty of water. Banish soft drinks - they are really not needed ever! Water alone can make you function more optimally on every level, including physical appearance (revert Tip One). The next culprit we should distance ourselves from further is sugar. It can affect the gut microbiome (see Tip Five), can be taxing on the nervous system and can lead to inflammation by its impact on glucose and insulin levels.

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