For all the empaths...

For all the empaths here, if you feel you are not receiving the clarity, the results, the clients, the $, maybe even the love you desire, this may be an area for you to explore...

Empaths, aka highly sensitive people, like myself, take on a lot.

I mean, I don't watch much TV and have become much more selective with what I am

consuming, as I register and feel it all on some level.

Empaths take on other people's energies, deeply feel others emotions and often intents and we can even take on and feel the large scale collective suffering, pain and traumas of other groups and the planet itself...

Who is with me on this???

So, it can make sense that if you have had many, many years of receiving so much external energies that on some level you start to stop, block, hinder your ability to receive in all areas...

Of course it's not usually a conscious decision, but as we know, it's the subconscious which is driving and dictating what shows up in our reality.

Awareness is the catalyst to alchemy.

Once you know, you can dismantle what's not working and choose a higher more aligned story, belief and way of being.

Choose to receive that which you desire..

Choose to receive that which lights you up...

Choose to receive because you know you are worthy..

Choose to receive because it is safe for you to do so.

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