Feeling the VIBE or not!

A current trend, which I’ve found myself caught up in recently, is about trying to maintain a high frequency, vibration or resonance if you will – at all costs. I know how good it feels to be in that higher vibe – you RADIATE happiness, you FEEL good and you have a seemingly MAGNETIC pull that draws others in. It quite simply rocks!!

If you are in a lower vibration, you will not attract what you want, you will repel your desires and not to mention everyone in sight! That’s what we’ve been told and that’s what I’ve tried to avoid, BUT……..

The challenge with that is though, we are not designed to be in that state 24/7. It’s not what our human experience is all about. If we pretend our emotions, our guides, our internal barometers are wrong and don’t exist and stuff down the emotions and repress them, this overtime will only lead to dis-ease in all forms in the body. Honestly!

My own coach gave me a great way of looking at it, it’s like a beach ball which you try and hold down under water, it’s bouyancy means it keeps popping up. You can only hold it down with your weight and force for so long before it emerges again to the surface. Our emotions, whether it be anger, frustration, sadness or fill in the blank are, that beach ball that can’t be pushed down – it will keep resurfacing until it’s allowed to be expressed.

I’m not proposing we sit in that energy for days on end and re-hash the past and relive our experiences, however I am suggesting we allow ourselves and give ourselves time and permission to feel that emotion and by with it. When you give the emotion, which is just an energy, the chance to be identified, to be felt, it will move through you and dissipate naturally without force.

There is a time and place and a way to do this. It’s not just allowing your anger to be expressed or the barista who is merely just making your daily cappuccino, it might be going into your room and hitting the pillow against the bed and letting out that built up emotion. A few minutes of that and I can assure you, you will feel better and much lighter.

Allowing yourself a good cry, will give you that feeling of lightening the load, so to speak.

So the takeout is, don’t suppress what you are feeling, be curious with it, feel it, be with it and watch as it moves through and dissipates and you’ll find it’s a more natural and easier place to reach upstream for more pleasant thoughts and feelings.

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