Feeling not good enough or fear of rejection?

So many of us are walking around, going about our days, feeling at a very deep level, like we are not good enough or fearing rejection from others. This can be at a conscious known level, but also on a subconscious level.

As the subconscious mind, is always presenting you with evidence to prove your perceptions and beliefs are right and valid, however skewed they may be, you will keep attracting situations and people into your life, where you don't feel good enough or you are fearful of rejection from friends, partners, parents, colleagues, clients and the public at large.

As a consequence of these wounds, the not feeling good enough and the fear of rejection, we try harder, we push and contort ourselves, we overgive, thereby often depleting ourselves and we put others before ourselves, trying to please them and gain their approval. We also hold ourselves back and don't put ourselves out there. This is all in our quest to stay safe, prove our worth, prove we are good enough and give a strong case to not be rejected.

Isn't it exhausting?!

I had both for a majority of my life. I was always overgiving, putting myself last, trying to prove my worth, losing my identity to please others, going along with what everyone said and did, trying really hard all the time and all of that resulted in chronic seemingly persistent health challenges. Anxiety, insomnia, IBS, really tight muscles all the time, ongoing frustration, countless fears and resentment. Is it any wonder I was in the state I was in and nothing seemed to work?!

It doesn't have to be that way.

We need to remember that it took many many years of those persistent thoughts, actions and behaviours to manifest as health symptoms and it can take some time (not always though depending on your beliefs and faith) to balance these symptoms and conditions.

You don't go to the gym once and have that fit, toned body. Likewise, you don't eat one healthy meal and all of a sudden you have optimal health forever.

It takes the big 5 C's - choosing a new way, courage, commitment, consistency and creating new neural pathways of positive and nourishing thoughts, actions and behaviours to produce a different outcome on the physical.

Many of the women I work with, also have similar limiting beliefs and fears operating under the surface. I love using Creatrix® as we can remove those at an epigenetics level and replace them with your needed higher wisdom and learnings.

Once the weeding has been done and the planting of new seeds, we can then tend to the new garden of possibilities and potential.

Imagine not having those entrenched beliefs there creating stress and pressure? It's possible to have a different expression show up in 2021 and beyond. Contact me for support around this.

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