Enter the world of Coaching!

2018 has been an interesting year – a real mixed bag! Maybe you can relate?

Whilst having the opportunity and privilege of seeing generally 12 to 15 patients/clients in a 3 day period each week as a Herbalist/Nutritionist/Health Coach for 3 years, then prior to that, many hundreds in the pharmacy and health food store I was working in, I have made some great connections, witnessed some amazing shifts and transformations and seen health challenges improve, in some cases rapidly!

Then in all honesty, there are those that eating a cleaner diet (eg. Cutting out or significantly back on refined foods, quality protein, lower GI grains, more vegetables and fruit, more water, less caffeine etc etc etc), taking supplements and exercising consistently, is not producing the expected or desired results. Frustrating - absolutely!!!!!!!!

I know this first hand and this has been my journey and experience for many years.

In 2005 and right up until this very day, I have delved further in to the world of energy healing, etheric healing, identifying trapped emotions and releasing and working on clearing and balancing chakras. Some will swear by these modalities and I myself have seen tangible changes in people often rapidly, but for me, not much of a tangible change to be honest.

Sorry it’s the truth. Another layer of the onion to be peeled back is the analogy I’m often told about by well intended practitioners, but I want changes like now or in the new future, not in 5 more years!

Enter the world of coaching. Various coaches suddenly appeared on my radar and I became even more aware of and appreciated the necessity and the power, of really going within to get the outer results you are seeking. I worked with coaches in the US and the UK and enrolled and completed a Rapid results Coaching Course. Wow – a whole new level of transformations, epiphanies and distinct changes for people I was working with and in myself.

For me, the coaching experience has been and continues to be about really going within, looking limiting beliefs in the eye, sitting in and feeling repressed emotions and really getting clarity about what I actually do want. It’s about daily mindset work. It’s not rocket science, but for many, this inner work is neglected or overlooked by the need to DO more, work harder or faster or longer hours.

A majority of the work is actually inner work not the strategy and doing part of it.

Coaching by definition, is essentially all about supporting someone in achieving a specific goal by providing training and guidance. However, the coaching that I have learnt, that I have been part of and of which I offer for my clients, is really about holding that space to allow the magic to happen. It’s about getting clarity, shifting whatever is in the way of your desires, aligning you with that vision and supporting you through that process.

With the amazing women I have been working with, it really is about setting those goals and working towards them but in that process, WOW, they have really rediscovered and reclaimed them. For many women, we have lost our identity. We have over-given, over-extended and have left ourselves feeling depleted and we've really lost who we are, our innate wisdom, truth and real purpose. I love helping women work towards their goals but more importantly to reclaim themselves.

If this speaks to you, contact me for more information, or we can jump on a call to discuss coaching options. Let’s get you the results and reclaim you in the process.

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