Emotions - The Issues are in the Tissues

I worked with someone recently who had a lot of internal anger, frustration, resentment and sadness. This is quite common by the way, that these emotions are regularly present. It's just that most of us, are not necessarily aware of feeling that way and constantly being in that energy, as we tend to suppress these emotions or run away from them or deny they exist or are present.

It could look like, being angry with colleagues or angry at family members, or partners, or friends, or the government, or the world at large. You might even be angry with yourself for decisions you've made or opportunities you've missed.

Maybe it's resentment that you have such as having to do things the hard way whilst others seem to have it easy or you are always cleaning up for everyone and never getting a thanks. It can absolutely breed and fester resentment overtime.

Frustration is a common theme I used to know oh so well. Frustrated for not being further ahead, or frustrated at not being able to shift health states and frustration towards Telstra, telemarketers etc etc.

Can you relate?? I mean it's normal to feel these things but not at an intense level and not all the time.

But the issues are in the tissues. They are there. The cells have memory capacity and when an emotion is felt strongly enough, it gets wired into the cellular consciousness.

All of these aforementioned emotions, are lower on the scale of consciousness, in terms of their frequency/vibration. What we know about the universal laws ie they apply to all of us, of law of attraction and law of vibration, is that we are emitting these frequencies and attracting more of the same.

So, how do you bring these emotions to the conscious mind and release them? This could look like:

  1. Journalling - writing out what's coming up for you.

  2. Body presence - feel into areas of pain or symptom presence and be with it and see what emotions come up.

  3. Meditation - being still and being open.

  4. Inner Child work - giving a voice to your inner child and reparenting them, the way you needed.

  5. EFT/Tapping - great in the moment when an emotion arises to release it and get out of fight or flight,

  6. Creatrix® - Of course I will mention this, as through this process, we find out the biggest blocks and chronic emotions and release them at an epigenetics level - original source of those inherited patterns/emotions/beliefs. Getting rid of frustration, resentment, grief and fears or various known and unknown things has helped me alot.

I will also jump online shortly and present a tried and tested technique, used by many leaders, international speakers and clinicians to rewire your physiology for higher vibrational emotions.

In light of all that, I want you to allow yourself time to pause, close your eyes and just see with curiosity and no judgement or fixing energy, what emotion is currently there. When you lean into it, it often dissipates.

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