Change your psychology and watch as you change your physiology

Change your psychology, ie the way you perceive things and you will change your physiology. Likewise, if you change your physiology eg. different posture from slouched to more upright and shoulders back, can bring more confidence and more higher vibration thoughts and emotions.

When your psychology ie your thoughts are more loving and positive, it has been shown repeatedly in studies that heart rate changes, communication between the heart and brain becomes more coherent, para-sympathetic nervous system can come online, digestion and immune system improves, hormones, neurotransmitters and neuromodulators balance and there is a whole cascade of positive physiological changes.

Think love, acceptance and gratitude and do this regularly and watch your entire physiology change.

We also need to be mindful of our psychology in the form of our subconscious mind, which stores all these perceptions ie. the world is not safe these days Vs I am safe and all is well in my world. The first example creates fear emotion Vs the latter perception which induces more of a feeling of calm. These perceptions and judgement calls we've made, based on our environment around us growing up (to 7/8yrs) are dictating how our body responds and reacts.

It makes sense, that if we examine the subconscious mind and upgrade those limiting/restricting perceptions and beliefs and persistent emotional states, that our physiology will change.

So, let's do the work by becoming more aware of what is playing out in all areas of our life and that will give you a pretty good indication as to what many of your beliefs and emotions are. In saying that, it is often harder for self to analyse self and that's what I love about Creatrix®. A key part of the process is unearthing your biggest blocks and repressed emotions and removing them at an epigenetics level so they are gone.

I would say pretty much everyone that I have done Creatrix® with, has said they feel calmer and their approach to things improve. If those changes are occurring, imagine the flow on effect to your physiology.

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