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Next Level Health Coaching & Mentoring

If you’re feeling 'Stuck 'or 'Frustrated' with the lack of results in your health, well-being and current situation overall, Belinda Hayward Next Level Health Coaching & Mentoring offers several programs and program options. At a deep level you truly know how worthy and deserving you are of so much more. Let's partner together on reclaiming you!

Health Consultations

1 Hour On-line Health Consultations - Block of 4 or 8

I have been a qualified and practising herbalist and nutritionist, since 2011. I have worked in health food stores, pharmacies and in clinic settings and supported people from all walks of life, with a wide variety of health concerns.


In a 1 hour on-line consultation, we can cover current health concerns, review recent blood tests, medical history, food and supplement review and accordingly make recommendations. This is all in the comfort of your home or office via zoom. 

You can purchase a block of 4 or 8 1 hour sessions, which you can use fortnightly or monthly depending on your condition. A longer partnership yields stronger and more lasting results as we can modify as necessary along the way.

Re-instating Wellness, Passion & Purpose

12 weeks transformative journey

Frustrated by your inability to make progress in your health, your well-being, your finances, your relationships or maybe you simply are feeling "stuck" and unable to move forward.

Maybe you’ve tried various diets or eating plans, taken some new and much hyped about supplements or even sought out help from practitioners from various modalities, but still not getting the results you are after.

Using my skills and experience as a herbalist, nutritionist, energy healer, health and rapid results coach, we will partner together for a 12 week (once weekly) transformative journey with a primary focus on reclaiming you, the essence of you, your innate truth and beauty.


Creatrix ® Transformology ®

Emotional lasting breakthrough

Feeling frustrated that I wasn't getting the shifts and breakthroughs in any area despite persistent efforts, I stumbled across Creatrix ® Transformology and WOW!!! I was able to finally release deep seated emotional blocks that were halting my ability to finally move forward and see actual changes. Thousands of women around the globe have been set free with this unique and highly transformational modality. Creatrix ® is guaranteed to get you the outcome.


On-line Courses

Self Paced Online Studies - Shift and Transform

I have  online courses to help you step into your power and intuition, align with your purpose, balance the body and reclaim your goddess self. 
I've run these courses in live groups and now offer these as self paced study options. There is a mix of videos, PDFs, and audio guided meditation files. 
Shift, align and transform - it is your time to shine! 


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Next Level Anti-Ageing

This is next level anti-ageing with a range of skincare that can used in conjunction with this transformative energetic process.

DECU is about dermal expression cellular upgrade  and is about releasing programs contributing to ageing and upgrading the consciousness of the cells.

I have worked with women on smile lines, "11" lines between the eyes, forehead lines, neck lines and skin tone.

There is also a range of topical products that have been formulated that can be used in conjunction. This next level skincare range, includes a powerful blend of ORMUS and Gold to provide you with the most advanced Natural Skincare Line in the world. ORMUS minerals are an essential part of the human body and necessary for maintaining optimal vitality and can take on the energies of your intentions. Furthermore, these products hold the energy of healthy skin cells. Your body absorbs the energies and regenerates for healthier, youthful skin.