1-on-1 Sessions

12 weeks to less stress, deeper sleep and more vitality!

Is your sleep not as deep and restful as you’d like? Overwhelmed with over-thinking,  perfectionism tendencies and just plain old stress? Maybe it’s just that energy boost you are after.  

Join me on a 12 week journey that’s all amount stress reduction, sleep promotion and reigniting energy and vitality! Who’s with me???

The foundation of good health is really getting the basics right - good quality sleep, having real energy during the day and not feeling as if your stress is out of control. It’s not about relying on caffeine or a plethora of supplements, your innate body wisdom knows how to get back to balance -we just need to give it the right tools and fuel to support it and the space to allow it to flourish.

It is now common knowledge that stress underpins and exacerbates many health conditions. Likewise, if your sleep is compromised it can also lead to a higher incidence of depression, weight gain and generally low energy. I know first hand how debilitating stress, insomnia and low energy can be. I suffered with all 3 states on and off for many years, before I learned how to clear what was in the way and fuel the body, mind and soul with what it needed.

Let’s do this together.

Belinda Hayward Next Level Health Coaching and Mentoring is as the name suggests - NEXT LEVEL, in that it combines education, PLUS effective rapid results tools as well as empowers you to take the steps to achieve breakthroughs in your health and well-being. It's about reclaiming the real you, the essence of you, the part of you that knows the answers and deeply knows how worthy and deserving you truly are!

Using my skills and experience as a herbalist, nutritionist, energy healer, health and rapid results coach, we will partner together for a 12 week transformative journey.

I have combined everything I know to really address and work with the mind, body and spirit PLUS give you that space and presence to help you get the upgrades in your total health that is possible for you. Once your health is optimised with deep sound sleep, a feeling of calm but focus and brimming with energy,  you can then align with and step into your passion and purpose.

OPTION ONE: Bronze Plan

  • Includes 6 x FORTNIGHTLY 60 minute phone or skype sessions

We meet (cyber) every SECOND week to systematically work through health challenges, identify and move through blocks, limiting beliefs and repressed emotions.  12 weeks gives us the opportunity to keep peeling back the layers to get to the core of what's holding you back and shift it once and for all! Once these have been brought to awareness and released, we can help you align you with your goals and for more rapid and lasting results and a renewed passion and purpose outlook.

  • Personalised diet, lifestyle and supplement plan

The physical level is the foundation for lasting health and well-being. Based on your health concerns, I will work out a personalised plan for you including recommended diet, supplements (if required) and lifestyle advice. 

  • Tools, techniques and home-play assignments

This facilitates deeper change on all levels both during and after our 12 weeks together.

OPTION TWO: Silver Plan

Everything in the Bronze Plan with all inclusions (see above), however we cyber meet EVERY WEEK for 60 minutes. So that's an ADDITIONAL 6 calls to really hone in on your particular needs and concerns.


​​Everything in the Silver Plan with all inclusions (see above),  with the calls EVERY WEEK for 60 minutes. So that's an ADDITIONAL 6 calls to really hone in on your particular needs and concerns.


There is the special BONUS of voice recorded support - I'm only a message away. This allows you to have ongoing support and the opportunity for me to tune in and further assist you outside our scheduled weekly calls. This is so powerful and one of the most valued inclusions I have had in my own work with my mentors and coaches.