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If your life is not reflecting back to you the inner vision and big picture life that you are dreaming of, then behaviours, limiting beliefs or even trapped emotions are at play. They essentially are blocking you from achieving those results you are seeking in your health, well-being, money, relationships or even the way you are showing up in the world. Belinda Hayward, a Health, Mindset and Rapid Results Coach, is here to help you in your new journey in reclaiming your ability to connect with your visions and desires and bring them into reality.

Let's clear and work through these trapped emotions, limiting subconscious beliefs and other clutter making you feel "less than" and reinstate and reignite that worthy purposeful empowered woman that you truly are for Next level Health & Well-being in all areas of your life. Whether it be wanting more energy and vitality, less stress, more sound sleep, weight loss, more money, better relationships or just more confidence, I'm here for you.

About Belinda Hayward

I myself have struggled with chronic health conditions  including stress, anxiety, insomnia and being "stuck", and I know first hand what it's like to feel despondent about your situation. I've let fear stop me from being seen, shining my light and aligning with my life purpose. Furthermore,  fear has stopped me from travelling further, meeting a life partner and bringing in the abundance that I am worthy of.

Finally I woke up and broke up with fear. I now say yes, shine my light and live a purposeful life and you can do that too - that's my role to guide you through the process. You are not alone no matter where you currently are, we can together work on enhancing your overall health and happiness on every level. Life is not meant to be a struggle! I have finally been able to reclaim ME and I would love to help you in reclaiming YOU!

I have had several health conditions over the years, which were largely non-responsive to traditional medical interventions. I went to the first Naturopath at 10 years of age and that helped somewhat, but it certainly whetted my appetite for more holistic medicine. What I loved most about that experience was that someone was really present with me.


I was so highly sensitive to my environment, I would be impacted by others words, energy and even their unspoken intentions and agendas. I would sense and have a strong knowing about people and situations and from a very young age and would regularly attend various churches, read religious or spiritual material and use energy techniques for protection, safety and manifestation. I struggled most with connecting to others at a deep level - I was really aware of the lack of presence around me and for me. 

I continued more strongly on the spiritual journey since reading the "Celestine Prophecy" in 2001. I went onto join psychic development circles, a metaphysical mastery group and devoured spiritual books and guides. I commenced studying herbal medicine and nutritional medicine from the beginning of 2005 and from 2011 have practised in this area helping thousands of people and being able to practice that presence that I know the world is needing.

Struggling with anxiety, stress and a very harsh inner critic, saw me for many years, being caught up in a work study loop, largely as an avoidance strategy. Living was painful, especially when you were feeling depleted and taken advantage of from partners, employers and even friends.  The "Throwing myself into work and study" scenario, meant I had an excuse for why I was single, not happy and not completely healthy.


The more inner work I have done myself, the more present I have been with ME and my continual daily practice, along with the support of other healers and practitioners around the world, I have truly realised just how extensive true healing on all levels can really be. As I continue to draw on these divinely guided insights and information it astounds me the changes it makes in my life and those that I work with. More importantly, I now fully appreciate that true healing comes from within and that's where coaching is such a great way of being able to hold the space for someone, to be present, so one can come to their own answers, truth and healing. To step up and reclaim their true power, true beauty and deep knowing of their innate worthiness.

I am a holistic healer, with such modalities in my growing tool bag as; herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, health coaching, results life coaching, theta healing®, emotion code®, energetic and etheric healing combined with medical intuitive capabilities.


What this all means for you, is that I can draw on all these techniques to achieve a holistic healing outcome for you on the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels to reconnect you with the beauty and essence of who you truly are. Better health, increased wealth, passion with purpose and improved relationships are all possible for you. 




- Integrative Healthcare Practitioner Training, IHP Level 2

-HeartMath® Certified Practitioner, Stress, Anxiety & Self Regulation

-Meditation Teacher Diploma


--Creatrix® Transformology

-Integrative Healthcare Practitioner Training, IHP Level 1



-Accelerated Coaching, Results Coaching, Authentic Education, NSW.

-Intuitive Healing/Medical Intuitive Practitioner Studies, with Dr Irina Webster, QLD.

-Neuro-training Activations certificate, College of Neuro Training, NSW.

2014 - Emotion Code® Healing, USA

2013 - Theta Healing® - Levels: Basic, Advanced, Intuitive Anatomy, Diseases & Disorders, Australia.

2012 - Holistic Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, NY, USA.

Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine, Nature Care College, NSW.

Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, Nature Care College, NSW.

2007 - Metaphysical Mastery, Metaphysics Course, Essential Energies, NSW.

2003 - Bachelor of Commerce, UNE, NSW.


2011 - Present

Working in pharmacy, health food stores and a clinic setting, I have assisted thousands of people with their varied health concerns. This has involved primarily advising on supplementation, diet and lifestyle changes, to support better health outcomes. 

I have conducted hundreds of emotion code, theta healing and intuitive energy healing sessions covering everything from joint problems to hormonal imbalances to bringing in more business and more love into clients lives. A majority of these sessions have been conducted via distance healing and have been just as impact-full and transformative, as if in person.  

In the past couple of years , I have been coaching woman from all walks of life, different ages and with varying hopes and dreams for their lives. Many have temporarily forgotten just how worthy, deserving and amazing they truly are. It's about reclaiming you, the real you, the essence of you, that knows all the answers and knows how to proceed in alignment with you. This is my soul work and my passion and what I'd love to be present and hold that space for, for you. Let's reclaim you

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