12 week total body, mind & soul transformation

An integrative approach to heal, shift & transform your life on every level


This is next level healing  - a fully integrated approach that works from the physical level up. We start with Stage 1 - working with the physical body, to ensure your body is set up for functioning more optimally.  Then we go deeper and we look at the energetic fields including the chakras, mental and emotional bodies, to shift and transform you and your cells to higher levels of consciousness. It’s no longer enough to simply eat well and take supplements, it's just a foundational necessity. 95% of your day and how it pans out, however, is coming from programs in the subconscious mind. Unfortunately, most of these programs are dis-empowering and limit and restrict us, from being all that we seek to be and all that we desire to manifest in our lives, whether it be better health, abundance, love or success.


So how do we access this elusive subconscious mind?  CREATRIX® transformology modality is Stage 2 of the transformation and is a way of communicating with the female unconscious/subconscious . It's next level transformation, a virtual reality process, that causes you to unlearn your issues at the very root until they drop away, no longer needed, replaced with much higher emotional and mental intelligence.

We finish off the program with Stage 3, utilising various results coaching techniques to get clarity on goals moving forward and to start myelinating those neuronal pathways, for what you are wanting to create moving forward.


I am a qualified and practising herbalist, nutritionist, health coach, results coach, CREATRIX® Transformologist, Emotion Code and Theta Healer practitioner and I’ve extensively studied metaphysics, medical intuition, meditation and law of attraction.


We work together for 12 weeks, which equates up to 20+ hours in total, plus additional access through VOXER app, to transform you at every level. You will also feel very supported, heard and nurtured throughout the entire program.



This is  NOT for everyone and requires you to show up, to be open, invested and READY for so much more in your life.  CREATRIX® is the pinnacle or the secret sauce of the entire program and works exclusively on the female brain and wiring. 


You will not be the same person by the time the program comes to a close. If you are NOT ready for change, this is NOT for you.


It is recommended for optimal results, that this program can be fast tracked and some sessions can be twice weekly as opposed to once weekly. We commence with Stage 1 - on the physical level, looking at your heath, diet, supplements and lifestyle support. We then bring in energy healing, chakra cleansing and balancing, medical intuition and other processes to improve health and vitality on all levels. Once we have had a cellular cleanse and a stronger foundation, then we bring in Stage 2 - CREATRIX® Transformology® .


The health and energy/mental/emotional cleanse and balance of Stage 1 can be expedited to twice weekly if required and mutually agreed. CREATRIX® sessions are once per week.


In saying that, everybody works at different paces and has different schedules and hence allow up to 12 weeks.

During our 12 weeks/sessions together we cover and include:


  • Health review, lab testing, results review and customised plan including food and supplementation advice. Check-ins and modifications to the plan will occur as needed.

  • Energy healing - I have worked with a medical intuitive, studied metaphysics and naturally am very intuitive and energy healing work, works on an energy level to enact change. Afterall, we are all energy at our most fundamental level.

  • Emotion Code and Theta® healing - to further support your clearing out and healing journey.

If you are deemed right and ready for a CREATRIX® breakthrough then we proceed into Stage 2.


  • Is a CREATRIX® full breakthrough experience, to identify limiting beliefs, blocks and trapped chronic emotional patterns then we remove them permanently. We upgrade your emotional and mental intelligence with this process and you gain your wisdom and learnings as needed. This is next level healing. A life changing modality developed by a female leader in her field, to work with a female brain and wiring, that works on an epigenetics level, to break inter-generational patterns and cycles.


  • After cleansing, clearing and healing at very deep levels we work on goals, value alignment, law of attraction and vibration principles and start myelinating the pathways in the brain, for what you actually want and desire here on out.


  1. Functional labs - 2 RECOMMENDED LABS – all disease begins in the gut – Hipprocates knew it some 400BC and science is now validating it. The two recommended tests - microbiome mapping and food panel sensitivity – included in the price.

  2. CREATRIX®  -Full complete CREATRIX breakthrough transformation.

  3. Voxer support – 5 days per week – 10am – 6pm. anything comes up simply voxer me and I will get back to you once I feel into the energy. If its outside these hours still  leave the voxer and I will get back to you within 10am – 6pm timeframe. This is one of the most valuable inclusions – you will feel more supported, heard, seen and we can ensure your frequency/vibration is kept at a higher level to support your manifesting/calling in process. 

  4. Six PLUS sessions of a mix of energy healing, results coaching, mindset work, health consults – as required.





  1. Intuitively scripted meditation audio MP3 file– Whole body healing  - bring healing to the cells and allow them to hold the consciousness of health, wealth, beauty and love.

  2. DECU face reading – dermal expression cellular upgrade – we trace the energy to find the program and fear pattern responsible for what’s showing up on the skin and the program to replace it with.

  3. High Priestess/Goddess activation – to connect you to your innate healing gifts and true femme power.


















This is a total body, mind & spirit transformation. Are YOU ready to step into your power, shine and make the impact and leave the legacy you desire!!!!! Apply now for further information and pricing.

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