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Reclaiming you!

Next Level Well-being

Show up in the world as you

There is that part of you deep down that knows at the centre of your core, just how powerful, worthy and deserving you are of health (physical and emotional), wealth, beauty, happiness and love.

Every person is so unique in their entire makeup. Our experiences, our thoughts and the individualised imprint that came in with you and through you, means that no one else is just like you. So why do we compare, feel less than or doubt our selves often hundreds if not thousands of times each and every day? Hello  autopilot mode!

Like a gem that is yet unearthed or discovered, that eternal you, the soul, the heart, just needs to be extracted by digging through the layers of dirt, rock and sediment. These layers are representative of all that holds you back -  the stories, the limiting beliefs, the unexpressed or repressed emotions. When we do the work and get in there and start mining through these layers of matter just occupying space, we see and shift what is preventing us from really tapping into our unique essence and true worth and really aligning with all that we are.


My journey has been about rediscovering and reclaiming ME. The essence of me,  the ME that was ignored, belittled, starved, bullied, lied to and betrayed countless times. Interestingly that was just from me, the physical ME, the third dimensional ME, that temporarily forgot the real ME. As I've moved through the layers, I've reclaimed me and my work is all about how we can also reclaim you. Your essence, your innate truth, beauty and unique message and work in the world.

If this speaks to that part of you that knows this at a deep level, welcome to my tribe! I would love to work with you in truly reclaiming and rediscovering you.



Learn About Belinda Hayward
Next Level Health Coaching & Mentoring

Holistic Stress Solutionist
Finding customised solutions to remove "stressors" in all areas

If your life is not reflecting back to you the inner visions and goals that you are ideally seeking for your life, then limiting beliefs, behaviours or even trapped emotions are at play. This can be in any area of your life - health & wellbeing, wealth, travel and lifestyle or relationships. 

Let's clear and work through the layers of  the trapped emotions, limiting subconscious beliefs and other clutter making you feel "less than" and reinstate and reignite that worthy purposeful empowered woman that you truly are for Next level Health & Well-being in all areas of your life. Whether it be wanting more energy, less stress, more sound sleep, weight loss, more money or whatever area that needs improvement, I'm here for you.

Through a holistic healing approach a range of modalities are drawn upon including: Creatrix® Transformology, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, health coaching, results life coaching, mindset work, theta healing®, emotion code®, energetic and etheric healing, combined with medical intuitive capabilities.


What this all means for you, is a more holistic healing outcome on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual levels, to reconnect you with the beauty and essence of who you truly are. It's about reclaiming you, the essence of you, the real you that has all the answers and wisdom and knows just how beautiful, powerful and worthy you truly are at a deep soul level.


Better health, increased wealth, passion with purpose and improved relationships are all possible and ready for your claiming. 

Past Client Experiences

Self Mastery & Self Discovery - 10 week group program

"It's a life changing and empowering course. Belinda shares so much of her knowledge and inner wisdom with us, which I am so grateful for. I am now more in tune with myself emotionally, physically and spiritually. The personal growth you see in yourself is a testament to Belinda's gifts and knowledge".

Samantha Hastwell, Sydney